Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is Back Yard Splendor All About?

Welcome to Back Yard Splendor!  I am a long-time back yard barbeque, back yard dutch oven, back yard meat smoker, and back yard over-the-fire chef who loves everything about creating wonderful cuisine in the outdoors!

I also love to hunt and fish and my wife has always believed that if I am going to bring wild game or fish home that I should be the one to prepare it!  (I can't blame her for that!)  So I have long played with different techniques to prepare and cook wild game to make it something that my family will eat!

So watch as we grow and post more ideas here!  Also know that I have many great friends who are even better at specific areas of outdoor cooking and I am going to do my best to persuade them to join me on this quest!

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